poetry on runestone



Volume Ten


1-800-JESUS by Zoe Elisabeth

The Conversation Between the Mentally-Ill Mother and the Mentally-Ill Daughter 
by Lily Tolchin

In The Name of Adam by Ash Williams

Passing Calvary Cemetery by Hal Johnson

Cascade Gold by Michel O’Hara

Memory Thief by Hannah Guthrie

Fore River Bridge: A Landscape by Michael McCarthy

Chelsea Hotel, August 1953 by Ciaran Pierce

Forgiveness, You Are a Winter by Ciaran Pierce


Volume Nine

pendeja. by Mars Robinson

slip slopes by Kat L’Esperance-Stokes

Herd-hand’s Ghazal by Julien Griswold

winning the lottery by Simon Harms

military helicopter by Elijah Neumann


Volume Eight

God by Geoffrey Ayers

Honeylocust by Greer McAllister

daphne devine died with the room key by Jack Mitchell

i killed leo at the reception by Jack Mitchell

The Absence on Sunflower Street by J. Nehemiah

Feeding the Birds by Annie Przypyszny

seven lives in the art museum by Madeline Ragsdale

lost days by Madeline Ragsdale

Volume Seven

Growing Apprehension by Alexis Carter

Ask Me Again by Alexis Carter

Late by Karen Dellinger

Cleave, Age by Karen Dellinger

Puberty by John Jajeh

Woman and Water by Shelby Lengyel

A world that fits inside a boy by Shelby Lengyel

Closed Doors by Trevor Meal

Sandbox Lessons by Lindsey Schaffer

Volume Six

Why Am I Always Sadder During the Summer?  
by Lex Chilson

Our Mother’s Lambs  by Marina Fec

How to Be A Human Being  by arizona hurn

June 21: Poem for Kearney by Tyler Michael Jacobs

Coming Out  by Violet Mitchell


PHONETICS by Maya Salemeh

Malleable  by Adam D. Weeks

Volume Five

The Passing Of Marigolds by Damaris Castillo

In The Late Afternoon by Cole Chang

Guernica by Lauren Garren

My Identity Is Cosmic by Jasper Hardin

A Haibun as an Appalachian Goodbye by Emily Houston

An Evening at Inch Strand Beach Just Outside Dingle, Ireland: by Emilee Kinney

Unending Smoke by Angela C. Kramer

Paternal by Eli Makovetsky

grim by Edythe Rodriguez

NOLA by Mariah Rose

Sedona, AZ by Mariah Rose

Feathers by Andrew Rosenberg

Hair by Vasantha Sambamurti

Culmination by Vasantha Sambamurti

Calciform Pools by Logan Simonson

Volume Four

Stationary  by Kaitlyn Burton

London Poem  by Wisteria Deng

Unnecessary Qualifiers  by Emma DePanise

Lagunita  by Clare Flanagan

First-Timer  by Clare Flanagan

Third Meditation  by Clare Flanagan

Untitled  by Tony Hackett

A Final Request  by Anthony McGee 

Scenes//Funeral Day  by Shalini Rana

On Rain and the Nature of Integration  by Keenan Rebera

Sweet Memorial  by Megan Stratford

DETONATE by Jade Visos-Ely

Volume Three

Southeastern Ceremonial Complex
by Douglas Suano Bootes

Southpaw by Douglas Suano Bootes

Postmortem Ghazal by Olivia Comm

the snake I killed in hampstead creek by Alexander Eikenberg

Joe Strummer’s North Carolina by Dylan Hull

The wall has black bullet holes by Beenish Riaz

brinesong by Juliana Schicho

Boy So Queer by E.J. Schoenborn

The Ones That Loved Me After by Jordan Schouweiler

Head by aimee seu

Study of Amelia Earhart’s Death by aimee seu

Ode to My Hair by Zaria Talley

Volume Two

Skolios by Jack Bachmann

I Have More Words for Mirror than I Have for Snow by Bobby Bolt III

Like the Rains That Wouldn’t Quite and the Sounds Left Behind by Bobby Bolt III

what is holy by Charlotte Covey

#stuckinthevoid by Sheila Dong

A Tending by Gabriela Natalia Valencia

The Stubbornly Persistent Delusions Of by Sophie Weiner

What the Dead Keep by Sophie Weiner

Volume One

Five Women by Tahseen Khaleel

Birthday Parties and Nazis by Stephanie Liang

Evolving by Mary Cornelius

glass cages by Rebekah During

Gray by Cameron Price

Mahalo by Lucy Zhao

Teddy Bear by Zachary Weber

The Raspberry Festival by Mary Cornelius

Through the Viewmaster by Melinda Ruth

Yard Work by Stephanie Liang


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