RUNESTONE v2: Leaving the Trees

runestone vol. 2

EDITOR’S NOTE from Katrina Vandenberg


Shark Attack By Lizzie Bankowski

My Grandfather, A Stranger by Sydney Cavanagh

The Rock I Keep by Ellyn Gibbs

On Fencing, Gummy Worms, and My Inescapable Fear of Living in the Moment by Mara Koren

Leaving the Trees by Sarah Scott


The Ferris Wheel by Charlie Bartlett

The Soul Repairman by Nicole Kroushl

Saltwater Lullabies by Kaitlin McCoy


Skolios by Jack Bachmann

I Have More Words for Mirror than I Have for Snow by Bobby Bolt III

Like the Rains That Wouldn’t Quite and the Sounds Left Behind by Bobby Bolt III

what is holy by Charlotte Covey

#stuckinthevoid by Sheila Dong

A Tending by Gabriela Natalia Valencia

The Stubbornly Persistent Delusions Of by Sophie Weiner

What the Dead Keep by Sophie Weiner

INTERVIEW with Joni Tevis
by Student Editorial Board


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