The Stubbornly Persistent Delusions Of
by Sophie Weiner

Runestone, volume 2

The Stubbornly Persistent Delusions Of

Deplorable, Dolores for days
not understanding the facts
of behavior— she has a certain
disposition for a certain kind of lack.

Compensatory, she erects forests that bear
no leaves. The ground is stretched & dry. It beats
hard in the eardrum— It’s like thunder to walk
on— Nothing will root, will take

to it. Each body she makes looks cut
from brittle sandpaper, worn & un-
ambiguously shaped without candor—

pulpwood spine if a spine at all— It’s true,
she’s never had one, not in the real way, nor
her gossamer / the spider-spun—

Beginning to feel gratuitous, she reaches
a hand behind her, suspecting, mortified,
bending now the way time does, or is said to
in most History Books—


Towson University

Sophie Weiner is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a graduating senior at Towson University, where she studies English. She has worked on university’s literary magazine, Grub Street, as part of the poetry staff, and is currently working on a creative thesis under poet and professor, Leslie Harrison. In the fall of 2016, she will be a first-year poet in the University of Kentucky’s MFA program.

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