Introducing RUNESTONE Volume 7: To Control A Natural Thing

Introducing RUNESTONE
Volume 7:
To Control A Natural Thing

EDITOR’S NOTE from Halee Kirkwood

Growing Apprehension by Alexis Carter
Ask Me Again by Alexis Carter
Late by Karen Dellinger
Cleave, Age by Karen Dellinger
Puberty by John Jajeh
Woman and Water by Shelby Lengyel
A world that fits inside a boy by Shelby Lengyel
Closed Doors by Trevor Meal
Sandbox Lessons by Lindsey Schaffer

Thirty-Nine Boats on Lake Minnetonka by Anne Amen
The Pretty House With Nothing In It by Sophia Hudson
Willful Blindness and Domestic Contusions by Mariah Lanzer
When I Finally Clean Out Your House by Taylor N. Schaefer

A Game, A Liar, A Life by Alexis Carter
The Birdwatcher by Ella Shively
Cigarettes and Subways by Grace Tsichlis

Abiogenesis by Ella Shively
Layers and Masks by Ahavah Warr

INTERVIEW with D. Allen
by Halee Kirkwood, Robyn Earhart, Blake Butenhoff,  Joe Joyce, Ariel Stemple, Noah Topliff, and Sam Wicks

BOOK REVIEWS by Runestone Student Editors

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