Introducing RUNESTONE Volume 8: The Shape of Your Daydreams

Introducing RUNESTONE
Volume 8:
The Shape of Your Daydreams

EDITOR’S NOTE from Halee Kirkwood


God by Geoffrey Ayers
Honeylocust by Greer McAllister
daphne devine died with the room key by Jack Mitchell
i killed leo at the reception by Jack Mitchell
The Absence on Sunflower Street by J. Nehemiah
Feeding the Birds by Annie Przypyszny
seven lives in the art museum by Madeline Ragsdale
lost days by Madeline Ragsdale


The Stock of a Writer by Saitharn Im-Iam
Balancing Act by Grace Ramos
To Breathe, To Blow by Camille Whisenant


Garden Manifesto by Ellery Beck
Blue Chimera Camera by Kile Zomar Lowery
And One Happy Halloween by Beatrice Ogeh
Berlin by Hailey Thielen

INTERVIEW with Kawai Strong-Washburn by Cal MacFarland

BOOK REVIEWS by Student Editorial Board

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