Introducing RUNESTONE Volume 10:
A New Frame for a New Life Coming

Introducing RUNESTONE
Volume 10:

A New Frame for a New Life Coming

EDITOR’S NOTE from Robyn Earhart


1-800-JESUS by Zoe Elisabeth
The Conversations Between the Mentally-Ill Mother and the Mentally-Ill Daughter by Lily Tolchin
In The Name of Adam by Ash Williams
Passing Calvary Cemetery by Hal Johnson
Cascade Gold by Michel O’Hara
Memory Thief by Hannah Guthrie
Fore River Bridge: A Landscape by Michael McCarthy
Chelsea Hotel, August 1953 by Ciaran Pierce
Forgiveness, You Are a Winter by Ciaran Pierce


Verses of Your Adolescence by Margaret Wynn
Conversations Over Waffles by Kaylyn Dresch
Body Politics by Libby Gerdes


The Foundry by Ryan Trostle

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Erin Sharkey by Hugh Fleming and Alex Sirek

BOOK REVIEWS by Student Editorial Board

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