Volume Nine Runestone Editors

Halee Kirkwood

Faculty Editor

Halee Kirkwood is a 2023-2025 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow, a ‘22 Indigenous Nations Poets fellow, and was a 2019-2020 Loft Mentor Series Fellow. Their work has been published in Poetry MagazineWater~Stone Review, and others. They are the winner of the 2022 James Welch Prize for Indigenous poets, published with Poetry Northwest. They live in Bdéota Othúnwe (Minneapolis) and are a first generation descendant of the Lake Superior Band of Ojibwe. ​

Corva León

Associate Editor

Corva León is a transfemme poet, artist, aspiring theorist, and an MFA candidate at Hamline University. Their work has previously appeared in Saint Paul Almanac. They live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Vol 9 Student Editors:

Catelyn Czywczynski

Catelyn Czywczynski is a senior at Hamline University studying Creative Writing. She holds an associates degree in communications and a certificate in creative writing from Century College. When she isn’t writing, she can be found lurking around the local bookstore, or involuntarily sharing her coffee with her cats, Phil and Sherlock.

Rebecca Flood

Rebecca Flood is a current student at Hamline University working towards her BFA in creative writing.

A.E. Goodman

A.E. Goodman is an undergraduate student at Hamline University working for Runestone. A double major in creative writing and anthropology, A.E. enjoys traveling, video games, and storytelling of all kinds. You can find A.E. on Twitter at @AEStargazer or shoot an email to aegoodman01@gmail.com

Skylir Hauser

Skylir Hauser was a Hamline University student enrolled in the Runestone Literary Journal internship course during their senior year at Hamline. They’ve spent the past three years taking intensive reading and writing courses, as well as writing multiple short stories in different PoV’s.

Kyra Hoffman
Michael Horton

Michael Horton (they/them/it/its) is a creative writing student at Hamline University. They have a passion for writing and helping others write. They one day hope to have a career in editing or writing podcasts.

Amelia Johnson

Amelia Johnson is currently a senior at Hamline University in St.Paul, MN. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing spring 2023, Amelia hopes to continue her work in poetry alongside her passion for gastronomy. In her free time, she tends to wade out to the depths of what nature has to offer and eventually returns through the rabbit hole back to society.

Shelby Lengyel

Shelby Lengyel is a senior at Hamline University pursuing a BFA in creative writing. She writes poetry and creative nonfiction. You can read two of her poems in volume seven of Runestone.

Austin Malberg

Austin Malberg is a current senior at Hamline University, studying creative writing and psychology. Her poems have previously been published in the Fulcrum Journal. Outside of school, she loves to read, play fetch with her cat, and mail letters to her friends and family.

Hanna McDaniels

Hanna McDaniels is an undergraduate at Hamline University. She majors in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in professional writing.  She is a massive lover of words and storytelling. In her free time, you’ll find her writing about another world or heavily annotating horror and science fiction novels.

Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson is a senior creative writing major with a poetry concentration. She is figuring out her purpose in life while learning to grow around grief. “Just keep swimming” and nostalgic childhood media play in her head when she’s not writing.

Gisela Perez

Gisela Perez is a multi-genre writer and poet. At the heart of her works, there is an earnest desire to give comfort and foster curiosity. When she is not writing, she can be found admiring the moon from her home in Minnesota.

Kivi Weeks

Kivi Weeks is an emerging author based in Minnesota, splitting her time between Saint Paul, where she goes to college, and Duluth, where her parents live. She has three cats and three tattoos, and wants more of each.

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