On Rain and the Nature of Integration
by Keenan Rebera

Runestone, volume 4

Physicists and Mathematicians continued to debate
whether it is better to walk or to run in the rain

Tell me.
Which is better?

I, the kissed.
Closed-eye, pinned-hand.
Every droplet walks across my belly.
Windswept to our hair, we lie,
Prone to drown in undertow.

I, the kisser.
Bare-toothed, hitched breath,
Every droplet shudders off my shoulders.
Pressing on her hips, we lie.
Pool the cold cement below.

I spend the night alone. (active)
The night is spent alone by me. (passive)

My bed is cold.


University of Michigan

Keenan Rebera is a Junior at the University of Michigan studying computer engineering with a minor concentration in creative writing. He is published in the Shapiro Anthology 2017 at the University of Michigan and is a Roger M. Jones poetry contest winner as well as a member of the XC / Track and Field team at Michigan.

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