by Andrew Rosenberg

Runestone, volume 5

Runestone, volume 5

by Andrew Rosenberg


(After Uberfahren by Kathe Kollwitz)

It was an Autumn day
when Otto took to the air
his thin arms flapping
like a decapitated chicken

Otto from across the way
me and the others, dirt-brothers
a feud fabled and etched into stones
that line the pharaohs’ tombs

Him prey, us predators
glue and feathers
decorations for Otto
a beak placed over his nose

We took him from his home
and dragged him into the streets
we each grabbed a sticky limb
swung him up
and watched him soar

I didn’t see it then
but I still see it now
a tear racing
across Otto’s cheek

Two pudgy hands
bracing themselves
for ground
they wouldn’t meet

We saw the headlights
crack clean through
that right temple
feathers flying into the air
like confetti, the beak shattered
and flung off to the side

We watched Otto
get carried off
walked him to his grave
picked asters
and never spoke a word

Andrew Rosenberg

University of Connecticut

Andrew Rosenberg is a student at the University of Connecticut and is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. He is the Head of Communications at Voxion, LLC based out of Mystic, Connecticut. He discovered his passion for writing in elementary school when he started writing his own fiction novel. He originally attended the University of Connecticut as a Computer Science and Engineering major but is now pursuing his childhood passion.

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