My Identity Is Cosmic
by Jasper Hardin

Runestone, volume 5

Runestone, volume 5 

My Identity Is Cosmic
by Jasper Hardin


A constellation is recognized

                                               as a constellation.

Since it’s regarded as fact.

                                               There is no grey area or

argument against this.

                                               Comets are just comets.

The Big Dipper will always

                                               be the Big Dipper no matter

what beliefs we have

                                               down here on earth.

The stars are                            

                                               continuously fizzling out

while I’m standing

                                               on the ground attempting to

make myself as concrete

                                               and believable as a pattern built

of hydrogen and helium.

                                               Hoping that maybe one day I’ll look at

myself and think I’m

                                               a quarter as valuable as what helped

create the universe.  

                                               Hoping it will bother me less

if someone looks at me  

                                               and says:                                                                                                                                  

                                                                    you’re not actually a boy

                                       I mean you’re not exactly a bundle of

light spinning in and out of existence

                                                 or as structured and

                                                scientific as a constellation

                                                            you can’t be real can you?                                                                                  

it’s not like you’re the macrocosm that brought us all here.

I’ll smile at them

                                              just enough to let

a galaxy spill out.

Jasper Hardin

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Jasper Hardin is a poet and visual artist who lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They competed in the 2018 Rustbelt Competition. They have work published in The Rising Phoenix Review, The Mighty and What Are Birds Journal. They are the founder of the new Explicit Literary Journal, which is specifically for nonspeaking and semi speaking disabled writers and visual artists.

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