by Cameron Price
Runestone, Volume 1 


when brother came back
from the country of our dead father,
gray fog leaked from his ears

it wreathed his face, tightened his collar, blinded his eyes
I watched him, afraid of his darkness.

at night when he opens his mouth, a blanket of dead stars
roll out like clocks, each frozen at the witching hour

he had been the bright one : 
a splinter of light in a dense cloud but
sleeping in our father’s grave had turned his life to stone

now he pulls cords of fog around him,
mute like the purple depths of the sea
his marrow frozen into ancient amber,
his sharp eyes grating the iron sky into toxic dust,
the heavens falling into pieces like a decrepit house

what but stones can bear the petrifaction of the living dead :
where is the sermon of hope to wake us from
the dust, when only fossilized bones
emerge from the fog?

Cameron Price

Goddard College

Cameron Price is a poet living in Ann Arbor, MI. His work has appeared in Humble Pie, Six Fold, and is forthcoming in Mount Island Magazine. His experimental video poetry has been featured in Small Po[r]tions, and was recently screened at the 6th Video Festival in Cairo, Egypt. He is the visual art / design editor for Duende, an online literary journal dedicated to publishing underrepresented voices in the literary ecosystem.

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