by Mary Cornelius
Runestone, Volume 1  


Even daytime in the ocean 
is lit like sunset, like six o’clock 
stopped in time. Light slants strangely 
below the waves, bows and bends 
like anemone on sea-drunk spines. 
Rumored blue, too often, the ocean 
is dark. So the fish has begun to dream 
of wide-open spaces. Of lungs, of 
wind-chapped lips, of whales. 
Some nights he wakes with fins 
itching, gills aching, mouth tight 
with the memory of air.


Mary Cornelius

Augsburg College

Mary Cornelius is a poet, runner, and amateur baker with big dreams. Her work has been published in Murphy Square, The Minetta Review, and The Riveter Magazine. She is a junior at Augsburg College majoring in English literature and creative writing.

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