The Ones That Loved Me After
by Jordan Schouweiler

Runestone, volume 3

The Ones That Loved Me After

The sun was too bright, was only honey
melting off onto the sky, my face
a voiceless spoon, the metal garden
an overexposed photograph and there,
smiling with hopeful teeth
was the boy that said it all much too soon.

With a concave face to the nectar sky,
I let it slide into the dark of my body,
now suddenly a bursting sticky bowl—so that
my silence was not taken
as numb or as unfortunate disbelief, but only
as a mouth too full to speak.


Augsburg College

Jordan Schouweiler is a junior majoring in education (English as a second language). She plans to teach English abroad and to learn many other languages along the way. In addition to teaching, she hopes to eventually publish a collection of her poetry, which has been a faithful cornerstone since she first fell in love with it years ago.

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