by aimee seu

Runestone, volume 3


There is something about
                  your body
That goes to my
         goes to my
         goes to my

I am diving toward the guillotine
                 made out of roses
                 made out of light

The want is wearing
down on me my darling.
The want is wearing
its weight in diamonds.

Is there no moment
on earth that no one is dying? Some new born
is forever being pulled forth baptized
in thin crimson living blood.
And in the midst is
             and I
             and the holy water that gushes from
your solar wound, a puncture in marble when
gotten just the right way
Water from stone
Water from stone
Here is the marrow of my favorite bone.

And now
the want is wearing
down on me my darling go
down on me darling
 There is something in your head
that comes to you about my
body that comes to you

And when gotten just the right way
is the eruption of magma on the sea-floor of
          the moon
the chalice flows over

holy water from his favorite favorite wound


Temple University

aimee seu is a senior pursuing secondary education English with an emphasis in creative writing. Her influences are Edna St. Vincent Millay, Amy Winehouse and Guy Ritchie.

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