fiction at runestone



Volume Eight

Garden Manifesto by Ellery Beck

Blue Chimera Camera by Kile Zomar Lowery

And One Happy Halloween by Beatrice Ogeh

Berlin by Hailey Thielen


Volume Seven


A Game, A Liar, A Life by Alexis Carter

The Birdwatcher by Ella Shively

Cigarettes and Subways by Grace Tsichlis


Volume Six


Dry Spell by Maryetta Henry

Would God Have a Beach House? by Gabraella Wescott

Do I Miss Myself? by Holley Ziemba

Volume Five

Memories of Green by Whitley Carpenter

The Waitress by Camille Gazoul

The Color Crisis by Renata Erickson

Temporary by Alexandra VanBlaricum

Volume Four

Rest Stop by Chris Arnone

All that Would Happen by Harleigh Orlando

L’adieu or Tristesse by Abigail Provenzano

Volume Three

The Kitchen Table by Sarah Brokamp

The Rabbit by Adrianna Jereb

Congee of Youth by Chi Le

The Television Room by Lizzie Perrin

Deer Run by Samuel Schurkamp

Volume Two

The Ferris Wheel
by Charlie Bartlett 

The Soul Repairman by Nicole Kroushl

Saltwater Lullabies by Kaitlin McCoy

Jitters by Honor Murphy

Volume One

Hapa by Tahseen Khaleel

Save Dave by Michael Ribbons

Up in Smoke by Ashley Belisle

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