As student editors for Runestone, we are asked to write a couple of posts for this blog. As I was considering what I wanted to talk about, I went through many ideas. I knew I did not want to write an essay-type post—I wanted to do a list. But a list about what?

Inspiration finally appeared in the form of the Top Five songs according to iTunes. I don’t usually pay much attention to these lists, but as I was listening to these songs, I thought, “Oh my God… these can be writing prompts!” So let’s start it off with the first song on the list:

“My House” by FLO RIDA
With Flo Rida’s new song My House we can see why it’s first on the list. With his catchy beats and catchy lyrics, we can easily get into the mood when listening to it. Not only is the chorus well thought-out, but the rap gives it a nice touch too. It can easily be played anywhere and anytime! A party perhaps? What party stories can you get from this?

“Stressed Out” by TWENTY ONE PILOTS
Well, what do you guys think about this song? Is it great or what?!? I bet all of us can relate to this song’s tale of growing up and dealing with our stress and just wanting to be a kid again so we don’t have to deal with it anymore. Tyler Joseph is the singer on this track, and his voice is so captivating. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys. We can write about a childhood memory that we miss, or the stress that is slowly killing us.

“Love Yourself” by JUSTIN BIEBER
C’mon guys, let’s say it—this is a pretty great song by Bieber. I never thought he would write a song like this. When I first heard it on the radio I didn’t even know it was by him. I was like, No way Bieber! Way to go! I know that we can relate to this story, because we all have that one ex that doesn’t want to let go, and I know we can all write about it in one shape or form. Whether it is a ex-friend or lover, write about a relationship that just refuses to end.

“7 Years” by LUKAS GRAHAM
Lukas Graham’s song really hit me right in my heart—such a relatable story of growing older and realizing what is important in life and what one wants to achieve while still being on this earth. He tells his story in such an honest voice that I can feel what he was feeling during that time. As the song goes on, the music gets happier as he begins singing about his success. Take Graham’s idea of “Once, I was seven years old,” and write from that first line.

“Hello” by ADELE
Adele does it again with Hello, a new twist on a broken heart story. Her voice is soothing, as always, and her honest and raw emotions are at their highest in this song. We can all feel the hurt she felt about not being able to stay with the person she loved the most. Many of us have gone through this at least once in our lives. Write about a phone call or a text from your ex-lover and show us what your initial reaction was and the emotions you were feeling; let’s be Adele for a little while and share our stories like she has.

All right, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed these prompts. Check out Melissa Tydell’s post at The Write Practice for some more pointers on using music for inspiration. Remember, any time you are feeling the pressure of a blank page, you can turn to music to guide your writing.  

Meet the Blogger:

BLANCA CRESPIN is studying Creative Writing on the poetry path. Most days are filled with homework and being with her daughter. Her current work is centered on being a new mother and she is anxious to graduate in the spring of 2016 and start a new chapter with her child.

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