Many writers around the world attempt to search everywhere for new material. Many of us are also unfortunately constrained to searching only where we live, but this does not have to be a negative thing. No matter where you live, inspiration is around you. For instance, right here in the fair and wonderful Twin Cities.

charliebrownStill searching for inspiration? Still unable to tear down this writer’s block? Well start out by flipping to the Comics section of your city newspaper. You may come across the beloved strip titled Peanuts, where Snoopy and Woodstock reside, chuckling at Charlie Brown as he attempts to kick a football but lands on his butt because Lucy moves the football. Charles Schultz, from our very own Minneapolis, MN started out his morning routine with a jelly donut as he paged through his mail and then he would go sit in his studio to write his daily comic strip. He was a normal, creative guy. Just like all of us. 

If you’re still suffering from writer’s block – still searching for that inspiration, or even if you’re curious about where some of your favorite authors get their inspiration, again take a look at Minnesota native Charles Schultz. Schultz named his principal Peanuts character Charlie Brown after one of his co-workers at the Art Instruction Inc. Schultz literally took inspiration from his own life to create the infamous characters that we all know and love. 

To conclude, having writer’s block happens to all of us as writers. Charles Shultz is someone I have chosen to use as a good example of a great Minnesota native who got his inspiration from his own life, working with playfulness and humor to create brand new comic ideas every single day.

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orrMy name is Shane Orr and I am a graduating senior at Hamline University. I am majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in English. I have a strong background in Creative Nonfiction writing. I hope to someday be a technical writer in the field of medicine or in animal studies.


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