Five Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Ah, writer’s block. The bane of every writer’s existence. It doesn’t matter how long a person has been writing, we all have a period of time where writing just doesn’t happen. Either nothing is good enough or the ideas just aren’t coming. Below are a handful of tips that you might find helpful in overpowering the crushing weight of writer’s block.

Take a Walk in a Park or Around Your Neighborhood

Yes, nearly every post about writer’s block tells us to walk, but there is a good reason for this. For some people, getting away from whatever project they are working on is exactly what they need to have a breakthrough. And what better way to bring on inspiration than surround yourself with nature? Here in Minnesota, we have some of the best scenery to take in as you walk. The fresh air, the sights, just getting away from a desk—these are all things that can help to clear your mind and focus your thoughts. Alternatively, you could go for a drive. Just make sure that you can take notes hands-free or have somebody with you to take your thoughts down.

Write Something Different From Your usual

I know several writers that find it helpful to try writing something that is different from their usual genre, or they look at a prompt list online. They take whatever idea they have and either change the perspective or attempt to write it in a different genre. Additionally, outlining your latest project could help you break your block. Of course, everybody’s brains work differently, and outlines might not work for you.

Cook Something New

Writing can be hungry work. Your brain is firing on all cylinders and burning up calories. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Creating something else can help give your brain that extra push towards refocusing on the project you want to accomplish. My personal favorite type of recipe to experiment with is traditional Japanese home cooking. I have found that there is something about concentrating on the instructions for cooking or baking that helps to clear a person’s mind. And again, writing takes energy; a growling stomach will just cause you to lose your motivation and drive.


Meditation might seem like a thing that is repetitive or similar to going for a walk, but trust me, this is different. Just taking the time to take some deep breaths and clear your brain can lead to the breakthrough you are looking for. Emptying your mind of any and all thoughts, even the ones about the project you are working on, can help you to relax and push past your block. I encourage you to try meditation at least once, even if you think that sitting still is ridiculous. Try putting on a classical music playlist and let yourself go.

Take a Nap

One tactic that most people don’t even think about to revitalize their writing—taking a nap. Some people might argue that meditation and naps are similar, but you’re working with two different intentions. Meditation is purposefully clearing your mind while staying awake and aware. Taking a nap can clear your mind by sleeping, which is what your brain needs to process your thoughts. Sometimes even your dreams can give you that last push towards a revolution. I encourage you to try and keep a notebook near your bedside to jot down your dreams.

These are just a few tips that might help you overcome writer’s block. Granted, there are plenty of other tips and tricks that aren’t covered here. And maybe these won’t help you at all! You simply have to find what works for you and move forward. Good luck!

Meet the blogger:

Rebecca FloorREBECCA FLOOD is a current student at Hamline University working towards her BFA in Creative Writing. She struggles with writer’s block herself and hopes that these tips will help others.

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